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TOOLSQA is a world-famous website on Automation Tools and Technologies which compiles a blend of every possible thing around Automation Testing, making it suitable for both newbie and experts. TOOLSQA covers a few most important programming languages and Software Testing Tutorials.

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Highlights of TOOLSQA (* as on 30th April 2017)

  • TOOLSQA has over 10000 active subscribers who have chosen to receive the updates in their inbox every day.
  • TOOLSQA site has average 14,00,000+ pageviews / month.
  • Active community participation in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & forums.
  • Approximately 55% of site visitors are from India, 18% from the USA and 27% from the rest of the world.


TOOLSQA Website Stats

This is probably the only portal having 100% traffic from Software Testing QA specific niche.

Google Analytic Data for the month of Jan 2018


Jan'18 Stats


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1) Website – Right Side Boxed Ads 300 X 250px, every visitor will see your ad

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We allow advertisers to promote their products on TOOLSQA, and we promise to keep the post on the website for minimum one year.

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3) Product/Tool Promotion

We allow advertisers to promote their products/tools on TOOLSQA, and the package includes followings:

  • Unlimited Tutorials to push for the product
  • One space for Product Logo on Home Page links to direct tutorial series on ToolsQA
  • Sub Menu under Tools from the top menu
  • Sub Menu under Tutorials from the top menu
  • One Separate left navigation for your product
  • On every article, you get a direct link to your website
  • Every published article will be shared with ToolsQA Subscriber’s list

E.g: Please take a look over Katalon, Experitest & Telerik Test Studio


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