Contribute in our Success

I am proud of what ToolsQA has become in just one month. I launched this site in March but took up speed in April and did a handful of promotion on social media. And since then, ToolsQA is becoming more than just a blog. It is turning in to a great online learning experience and helps all of us with saving money on Learning institutes and eBooks. I would like to pay a special thanks to all of you guys for this.

And I’d like to ask for your help to continue on in the upward direction I’m headed.

ToolsQA doesn’t allow advertisers, although it could. I honestly don’t want to be powered it by advertisers. I want to be powered by you, the community. With the great success of ToolsQA I believe the Selenium Automation community has proven that it deserves nice things. I want to take that to the next level and would like to share my vision for ToolsQA:

  1.       A complete code will be delivered in C# for the whole website
  2.       Many more articles in the pipeline with improved content quality
  3.       Free Video tutorials
  4.       Selenium Automation JOB portal
  5.       Publishing other Testing topics
  6.       Within the next Quarter, Complete Video tutorials will be launched on very nominal prices

You can power the site right now with donating or you can help me in different ways like giving new ideas and sent me your articles or give me the code for my articles in other languages.

Please contribute in any ways if ToolsQA is helping you in building your career in Automation.

My Duty towards your Contribution:

You’ll be thanked on the website and you will be recognized as helping to grow this awesome site. If we can, we’ll find more awesome ways to thank you in the future as well.