Class 1 – Cucumber Eclipse Set Up


1.Setting up Cucumber Java development environment manually

2.Setting up Cucumber Java with Maven build tool

3.Writing our first Test



Class 2 – Your first Cucumber test


1.What is a Feature file?

2.How Cucumber works?

3.What is a step definition?

4.Lets write a step definition




Class 3 – Gherkin Basics


1.Adding Cucumber plugin in eclipse

2.What is Gherkin?

3.What is the idea of using Gherkin?

4.Feature Keyword?

5.Scenario Keyword?





Class 4 – Scenario Steps


1.Parts of a Test case

2.Given Keyword and the step definition

3.When Keyword and the step definition

4.Then Keyword and the step definition

5.Adding comments






Class 5 – Coding step definition


1.Formalizing Login test scenarios

2.And Keyword

3.Writing first Login scenario

4.Writing Given Step

5.Writing And step

6.Writing When step

7.Writing Then step






Class 6 – Capture Groups

1.Dissecting @ annotations

2.What is Capture group ?

3.Regular Expression and Anchors

4.The . and * operator

5.Creating a capture group for a URL



Class 7 – Regular Expressions


1.Understanding more about Regular expression

2.Alternation and its uses

3.?: operator

4.The .Dot operator

5..Dot with * operator



Class 8 – Assertions


1.Returning results from Cucumber tests

2.Different states of test step

3.Junit assertion library

4.Junit assertion usage samples




Class 9 – Background


1.Background in Cucumber





Class 10 – Data Tables


1.Passing large amount of Data

2.Passing one dimensional data set

3.Passing two dimensional data set

4.Converting data in the form of key-value pairs