Know what? I havent come across such a \”one stop shop\” for learning selenium!! kudos!! Very simple and clear.. Explanations was there for all the questions that comes into my mind… great work Lakshay and team.. keep it up.. Best site for selenium beginners!! 🙂 🙂

Swathi Lakshmi Rajan

Dear Team, Thanks for providing a valuable selenium Tutorial. The Selenium Web Driver basics re really awesome. Basically am a Manual Tester, but i want to work in Test Automation with Selenium knowledge. On searching in net i found your Site. Concepts are very clear and it is easy to understand like how to handle the web elements with few pieces of code. After reading the selenium from your site am become mad on selenium and want to know more about Selenium and TestNG.


I am the one who almost daily visit this site. Its is one of the site that I have bookmarked. Many doubts regarding Selenium Webdriver has been resolved. Even I recommended my mates they are also enjoying the thoughtful and learning posts and increasing their skills. Sincere thanks to Lakshay who took this amazing step and collect most of the concept under one roof. Also thankful to the core team. Keep Rocking and Posting..
Best, Vishal

V Kakkar

This is very helpful for me. I tried many of the automation sites how to write test case but i didn’t get the results. Now i got the idea to write real time project test case. Thanks many and all the best!!!


You are awesome man.Each and every content is self explanatory.I never see any blog where i can get each and every content related to same topic.
But finally I got the one 🙂
Thank you so much for sharing.Please keep pocsting

Anju Yadav

This is the best non-oficial site to learn about Testing that I have found by far. I’m just starting with Java and Selenium. And I Really Appreciate your job here to illustrate how these things work !


I really like your site very much. As you have mentioned in your story, I was also moving from different websites, blogs, tutorials, documents to learn and apply selenium. But I have not found as simple and understandable examples and contents on anywhere else at one place. You have really implemented KISS – Keep it Simple and Stupid for your content.

This website is like a blessing to people who wants to learn Selenium with lots of other related add-on features like log4j, testNG. Keep it this way, keep posing more and more contents.


was looking for a good site that can explains frameworks in selenium and luckily found your website….kudos man for this awesome work you have done….Hope in next few days this website will start coming in top google results when we will search “best selenium tutorials “


I visited your website some months back.But i see now most of the contents are covered in your site.
This would really help for beginners even for experienced professionals to go through webdriver topics at one place.

Aparna Chegu

The effort put in by you is tremendous. This site is a great help for people working or willing to learn Selenium and its usage.

This is a one-stop shop to get most of the stuff with a pictorial description of implementation.