Practice Exercise

It is almost the end of the framework, what is remaining is expanding the test to cover wider senario for Online Store and priotising, execution in suite and gropus of the test cases.

Before jumping to the next level I would like to give  a exersice. What we have covered so far is the login functionality only. I would like you to automate a end to end flow covering below steps:

1) Login to the application

2) Selecting a product category from Top Menu

3) Selecting a product and adding it to the cart

4) Go to checkout page to provide personal details and complete the order

5) Verify details from final Confirmation page

Note: Everything has to be managed from the test data sheet, maximum code reusability, minimum test script writing, minimum logs insertion, easy to understand.

I will upload the project in few days here.

Step by step process to set up Selenium Automation Framework with implementing Log4j LoggingTestNG Reporting,Function ParametersPage Object ModelConstant VariablesData Driven TechniqueMudular Driven Technique and User Defined Functions.