Selenium Automation Hybrid Framework

(Data Driven & Modular Driven) Beginner Level

I hope that you have enjoyed the journey of  “Ten steps to setting up the Selenium Automation Framework” so far and you have understood all the topics well. Let’s revise what we have covered and do a Practice Exercise on it.

What we have covered in the previous chapters:

1) Page Object Model

2) Object Repository

3) Modular Driven Technique

4) Function Parameters

5) Constant Variables

6) Data Driven Technique

7) Log4j Logging

8) TestNG Reporting

9) User Defined Functions

10) Exception Handling

It is almost the end of setting up the framework. We have already covered everything and what is remaining is expanding the test to cover End to End scenarios, Prioritizing the Test Cases, Preparing a Test Suite and Grouping of Test Cases.

Before jumping to the next level I would like to do an exercise on what we have learned so far on the Demo Application. What we have covered so far is the Login functionality only. I would like you to automate an end to end flow covering below steps:

1) Login to the demo application Online Store 

2) Selecting a product category from Top Menu

3) Selecting a product and adding it to the cart

4) Go to payment details page and complete the order

5) Verify details from final Confirmation page


Selenium Automation Hybrid Framework 

This framework is at very beginner level and very easy to understand. This implements the Page Object Model Technique, Data Driven Technique, Modular Driven Technique, Log4j Logging, TestNG Reporting & TestNG Reporter Logs.

Please download the code from here Selenium Automation Hybrid Framework

Or please read the code below.


Test Data Sheet



Test Cases Package

Test Case


Application Modules Package

SignIn Action


Product Selection Action


Check Out Action


Payment Details Action


Confirmation Page Action


Verification Action


Utility Package

Constant Variable Class


Excel Utility Class


Log Class


Utility Class


Page Object Package

 Base Class

Home Page Class


 LogIn Page Class


Product Listing Page Class


Check Out Page Class


Payment Details Page Class


Confirmation Page Class