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It was an excellent training. The trainer had very in-depth knowledge and was able to handle any of the questions asked spontaneously at point of time during the complete training course. In depth coverage of Framework Design. And Yes, I am still learning to implement the framework by learning through the videos.

Raveesh Rai
Raveesh Rai – India (Exp- 8Yrs)

I am Completely satisfied with the training provided by ToolsQA. This course allowed me to learn Selenium Webdriver from scratch. I am comfortable in building framework using Data Access, Logger, Page Object Model, TestNG Tests.

Serghei Mardar
Serghei Mardar – Canada (Exp- 3Yrs)

This class has been a great foundation in Selenium concepts. It has prepared me well for our companies roll out of automated testing. The time delay aspect. I have yet to be able to attend a class live, but with all the resources available online(Videos, PPT, Code, Practice Exercises), I feel like I haven’t missed a beat!

Jeremy T Springfield
Jeremy T Springfield – USA (Exp -2Yrs)

Excellent. I feel more confident now. I was always hesitant to take online classes as I heard that they are more basic level. But Sandeep’s class is really good and it is very practical. Its a well organised training and I am confident enough to create automation framework in selenium.

Vitali Dambajev
Vitali Dambajev – Estonia (Exp – 7Yrs)

For me it was excellent exposure to the automation testing technology, I was very impressed by the set curriculum and the teaching method, sessions are very well laid out and meet the right needs for candidates with less to no knowledge, which gives a great opportunity for any one to learn it from bare bones knowledge.

It gave me huge learning and it was exceeding my expectation.

Amit Mathur
Amit Mathur – USA (Exp -12Yrs)

The experience was amazing. Very detail explanation of concepts. Fundamentals were made to understand clearly and assignments given after every class which made me clear in understanding concepts.

I am fresher in automation area can able to build framework based on the assignment given and the classes undergone.


First of all, I would like to thank Lakshay for creating this opportunity, there are so many young Engineers, who lacked technical skill and Lakshay provided us the basic platform to improve our technical skills. I would like to thank Virender for his steady pace of teaching and more importantly he captures our mind questions, what we are exactly thinking for. Now the session is over and I’m high in confidence about my technical skills. I’m so glad that great guys like you made it happen for me.Looking forward to a fruitful relationship with ToolsQA Team.

Its the teaching skills and perfect professionalism and providing examples with real time scenarios. Practice exercises made us to think harder and better.

Hari Haran – IND (Exp 3 Yrs)

I am quite confident on writing automation frameworks and have better understanding of JAVA ,TestNG and POM. I like the way the course is structured and taught us. I can design frameworks now by my own. I can automate any web based application and write POM and framework for the same.

Sweta Kanyal – IND (Exp 5+ Yrs)

Really great – one of the most useful courses I’ve been on. The Course covered all the topic that I required to improve on my programming skill.

Great course. Very informative, useful and extremely well structured. A really knowledgeable tutor who answered  all queries as the course went along.’Thanks for the fantastic course. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’d recommend it.

Abida S Chowdhury – US

I feeling so happy because the people like me who are poor in programming language like java gained a lot of knowledge. I have attend training on selenium before also but there is lot of difference I found. The topics here covered in an effective manner and this training really boosted up my confidence .

We can clear our doubts in the class itself. The recorded videos helped us to revisit the classes and can learn in a better way. Faculty was very friendly in nature so that we felt free to ask doubts and had an valuable interactive sessions throughout.

Jagadeesh Vidadhala – IND (Exp 5 Yrs)

The course was understandable and was interactive, presenter was able to answer the question positively to all the students, he was always happy to help and suggest the solution. He was logging in early so that everyone can ask him question of previous class and also at the end of the class.

Gopi Patel – US (Exp 6 Yrs)

The program was absolutely amazing.  I liked every session which gave by my instructor, Lakshay Sharma.  .He has a solid knowledge about Selenium which help student able to build the framework by ourself.  He encouraged everyone to ask any question whenever a topic is not clear and patiently to answer them until student get it.

Linh Tran – US (Exp 15 Yrs)

I like the course content very much, framework understanding. For me it looks a complete Selenium training covered with almost all the useful knowledge required to Create a Selenium Automation Framework. I believe all the topics were covered in a best possible manner and I am comfortable in designing framework form scratch.

Amitesh Jain – India (Exp 4Yrs)

I’d like to recommend Lakshay’s excellent work in putting together the ToolsQA’s course on Selenium.
Although I’m well past beginner level, I learnt a lot of useful info during the almost 2 months of relaxed and well-distilled web training and, after boiling it all down on my side, added a bunch of neat new methods / functions to my framework.
There’s been a lot work put into the ToolsQA initiative and I feel like my money was well spent.
I’d recommend Lakshay both as a teacher and (a safe assumption) professionally any time!

Mihai Sarlea – Romania (Exp 8 Yrs)

I can highly recommend Lakshay, both as a teacher and as a person. When I did my research a few months back with regards to the best tool to use to assist me with test automation in Selenium, it was Lakshay’s ToolsQA website that stood out to me, as I liked the way it explained things right from the beginning in a format that was easy to follow.

I then joined up for the online courses which I am gradually working my way through and have found them to be superb. Not only can I go back and view the courses, but Lakshay sets code assignments which allowed me to “get my hands dirty” and get coding.

Furthermore, whenever I have needed any advice or had any questions I’ve been able to go to Lakshay and every single time he has been happy to help.

So…..yes, I would highly recommend Lakshay and his ToolsQA website as a must have learning to for Selenium.

Andrew Tilston – UK (Exp 14 Yrs)

Course Content Explanation in detail with practical examples

Chandra Shekhar – AUS (Exp 6 Yrs)

I appreciate the availability of Virender when asking questions and the details he gives us to understand topics. I also like the course contents and the different code examples to do same things in different ways.

Braheim Boughedada – France (Exp 12 Yrs)

The trainer is very interactive and answers all are queries. Always open to discuss and solve problems.

Arvind Kumar – India (Exp 7Yrs)

Its online and gives me opportunity to practice before next class. Presenter is experienced and isn’t shy of taking questions. Innovative Ideas and motivation to set the foundation before diving into advance concepts.

Kunal Mehta – UK (Exp 10 Yrs)

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I really like your site very much. As you have mentioned in your story, I was also moving from different websites, blogs, tutorials, documents to learn and apply selenium. But I have not found as simple and understandable examples and contents on anywhere else at one place. You have really implemented KISS – Keep it Simple and Stupid for your content.

This website is like a blessing to people who wants to learn Selenium with lots of other related add-on features like log4j, testNG. Keep it this way, keep posing more and more contents.


This is the best non-oficial site to learn about Testing that I have found by far. I’m just starting with Java and Selenium. And I Really Appreciate your job here to illustrate how these things work !


Dear Lakshay,

Good evening!Hope you are doing great!

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable knowledge with us.I have never such a wonderful,well organised blog that made me feel like learning/practising Selenium.Hats off to you.You have provided each lesson with practice sessions which could not be believed my eyes.You are really great and appreciated for your marvelous work.Well done!

Please keep posting if you get any latest lessons about Selenium.

Best regards,
Anjali Nair


Dear Team, Thanks for providing a valuable selenium Tutorial. The Selenium Web Driver basics re really awesome. Basically am a Manual Tester, but i want to work in Test Automation with Selenium knowledge. On searching in net i found your Site. Concepts are very clear and it is easy to understand like how to handle the web elements with few pieces of code. After reading the selenium from your site am become mad on selenium and want to know more about Selenium and TestNG.



You did a great job by writing this about Selenium. It’s like one stop-shop for every starter who wants to learn selenium.

Thanks a lot again. Keep writing on the same.


You are awesome man.Each and every content is self explanatory.I never see any blog where i can get each and every content related to same topic.
But finally I got the one 🙂
Thank you so much for sharing.Please keep pocsting

Anju Yadav

Very valuable site for everyone who wants to get familiar with Selenium. This helped me alot.
Good work & Thanks for sharing…..

Roshika Fonseka

I would thank you for creating wonderful site on selenium . we would appreciate for your patience on doing so. It would be great ,if you provide some info on QTP and JAZZ.Thanks again for the support over the forums.

If i get some time in life would like to meet you in personal for thanking you for your innovative ideas.

the way you respond on the site shows how humble you are and how consistent over your work.

Hope you will more bright future ahead


The effort put in by you is tremendous. This site is a great help for people working or willing to learn Selenium and its usage.

This is a one-stop shop to get most of the stuff with a pictorial description of implementation.

On reading you website Lakshay you can work on the documentation part of selenium website which is not much effective now. Just a suggestion 🙂
Really awesome website for Selenium learners and even for automation professionals

Know what? I havent come across such a \”one stop shop\” for learning selenium!! kudos!! Very simple and clear.. Explanations was there for all the questions that comes into my mind… great work Lakshay and team.. keep it up.. Best site for selenium beginners!! 🙂 🙂

Swathi Lakshmi Rajan

Hi this is an amazing website for the learning selenium webdriver. Thank you sooo much for this site. Don’t have words to thank you . I have an interview scheduled next week n this site is helping me so much for preparation .
And one small request please don’t down the site at night , as like yesterday , because I am preparing for my interviews and this site has became a one stop for all my questions in Selenium. thanks again



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